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How to get ready for NSCSonMRO!

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How to get ready for NSCSonMRO!

Post by DerekE on Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:58 pm

Hey guys.

Because theres a couple newcomers, I figured I made this guide on how to get you and your computer ready for MRO and NSCSonMRO. It's pretty easy to do by yourself, but if you come across any troubles, look here for any answers. Also, ask questions and I'll help you out.

STEP ONE: Registering for an account on MiniRacingOnline.
(This one is important because the account on the website automatically links to your game so it saves your records and times and such online for everyone to see. And plus - you can't play at all without an account.)

First off, go to this link. This is the main registration page for MRO. Of course, though, it's completely Spanish. If your English, this could be a problem. Here's a walk through for you, in case you need help.

* 1st Line: Username
* 2nd Line: E-mail
* 3rd Line: Password
* 4th Line: Confirm Password
* 5th Line: Retype what the Letters and Numbers say in that box above.

After that, scroll down to about 4 rows from the bottom, which should say "Idioma del Foro". Change that to English. After that setting, go to the VERY bottom and click the left button of the two. You'll then be registered. After your done, you should be able to go back to your profile and all the options will be in English.

STEP 2: Installing the Game

This league requires that you have downloaded the test version. The test version usually is the best, surprisingly with the least amount of glitches. If you haven't downloaded the game itself though, just get all this:

The Game:
The MRO Launcher (Optional, but recommended):

Make sure to download and install the game first, THEN the test version and launcher. The test and launcher downloads are .zip files, but it may seem a bit difficult to extract. This is how you want to extract it.

For the Test Version download, extract the whole folder (the whole "miniracingonline" folder you see there) to where you installed the game. For instance, extract 'MiniRacingOnLine' folder to C:\Program Files\MiniRacingOnLine. This should place everything in the right area.

For the Launcher download, extract the .exe inside that MRO folder you see there to where you installed the game (which should be the same as above, C:\Program Files\MiniRacingOnLine.)

STEP 3: Download NSCSonMRO Addons
This one is simple, just go to the NSCSonMRO Downloads area on the forums here and get what you need.

For tracks, extract the WHOLE track FOLDER to C:\Program Files\MiniRacingOnLine\circuitos.
For cars, select and extract all the car images to C:\Program Files\MiniRacingOnLine\coches.
For the English NASCAR Spotter Pack, select all the audio files and extract to
C:\Program Files\MiniRacingOnline\Sonidos.
For the NASCAR Engine Sounds, select the 4 engine audio files and extract to C:\Program Files\MiniRacingOnline\Sonidos\Motor.

STEP 4: Setting Up Your Game

Now that you should have everything installed correctly, an account setup and all your necessary NSCSonMRO addons downloaded, its time to open the game. Go to the desktop and double click the MRO logo to open the game. Once it's opened you'll notice that its... in spanish.
All you have to do is go to Opciones, then find the spanish flag in the top right. Click the arrow to the left of it, and the game should become English.

Setting up your profile ingame is a bit tricky. I suggest it this way, it's a lot easier.
Create a race online, dont worry about naming the server or whatever. Just type anything. Then, when the race settings pop up, just accept whatever. Now, you should be on the driver profile screen. Click NEW. When you do this, the box to the right will open up for text. Type out the username you used to register on the site. It'll ask to check if it exists, say yes. Then it should say its already take, do you want to continue. Say yes again. After that, click next at the bottom right. Now it'll ask you to get connected to your account. Press Connect, and then type your password in.

It's now saved on your computer and your ready to go. If you want to, go back (by clicking Profile at the bottom of the garage screen, which should be the screen your at) and change your number, team name, country flag and car selection at the top.

Hosting/Joining online races: If you want to do this, you must open port 6500 on both openings in your modem/router settings. You do NOT need to do this to join a race though.


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