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Post by DerekE on Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:57 am

WARNING: This rulebook WAS in fact borrowed from SCARTS. Thanks. xD

This is the official rulebook for NSCSonMRO.

The race schedule will be continually
pending, meaning we will try to work in races that will fit most
drivers schedules. When I post an entry
list, it would include a poll for the day that would be most convenient
to host the race. The day that wins the vote cannot be changed, meaning
the race WILL be held unless there is a major reason why it must be

So you know, we will NOT delay the race for people
showing up late for whatever reason. EVERY one of the Chase drivers must
compete for the race to occur, so scheduling a race will be a bit more
difficult. Everyone else not in the Chase may still race and try to go
for wins to build momentum for next season. But even for the Chase
races, those not in the Chase must be on time or we will start without

Each race will consist of a practice session, a qualifying
session, and the race. Expect the races to last between
40 minutes to an hour depending on how efficient we get through the
races. The laps for each race are predetermined and are posted online
for viewing in the Schedule section. If ¼ of
the people drop out and it is over 1/3 People that leave will be sent
to rear in the order they left in.

First practice for NSCSonMRO races are focused towards practice runs for
qualifying. People may begin their first practice two days before the
race day or until two hours before the scheduled racetime. Practice
length is roughly 30-35 laps on ovals, slightly less for road courses
like Infineon, and slightly more for short tracks. This is an
informal practice, meaning you may practice at any time you wish.
NOONE may run in an additional first practice session if they
already completed theirs. First practice must be run before final
practice starts, but keep in mind you need to allow some time for
qualifying following it.

We simulate a NASCAR style qualifying session. The first lap is an
"up-to-speed" lap since the laptimes will obviously be longer than a
full speed lap. Once the driver completes his up-to-speed lap, the
clock will start. The driver now has 2 full laps to run the fastest lap
he can. The best of two laps will be the time that is counted as the
qualification time. Those not on track must wait for their turn in pit
lane, as only one car is allowed on the racetrack at a time. The order
in which the game places you on the grid at the start of qualifying
will be your qualification order. Also, qualifying will not be in ghost mode.

*Please do not move when the lights go off
so that we can see the how the grid randomly ordered us for

The starting grid for the race is set from fastest lap to the slowest lap.

Any of those who pop into the race without qualifying will start in the rear of the field.


Since this league simulates NASCAR, we will call
various "flags" during the race that MUST be heeded by every driver
participating. Here's a description of flags we will call:

*Green Flag:
The first green flag is always a lap after the start of the race. Also, a green flag will be after the needed caution laps after the admins call "RS", or restart.

*Yellow Flag
(Caution): If someone spins out or self-wrecks himself, or the
game detects a driver has spun (which can be shown by the icon of
the Yellow Flag in the top of the screen), that means there is a yellow flag
situation on the field. If the game just so happens doesnt
see the spin, or no one is slowing, the drive may type "yel" to get the
other drivers attention to slow. When yel is called, ALL cars
must slow down to half speed single file. During this period, drivers
may pit for fuel when an admin says its time to "PIT". Drivers will stay
at pace speed until admins gives the OK to restart. When they call
"RS", we will return to green flag racing next time by the line.
However, there will be no 'yels' called anytime during the first 10
laps of an oval race. Never, never, never will anybody convince an
admin to redo the final laps for whatever reason. You must accept the
hand you are dealt when the race is done.

*Red Flag:
This flag can be called if someone has to leave the computer for some
reason and would like to continue it without falling several laps down.
When "red" is called, the field must stop INTO PITROAD, NOT PARKING IN THEIR PITBOXES in the
position they are running in at that point. The person who called the
'red' may retain the spot they were in when they had to stop to type
it. Depending on the length of the red flag, the admin may decide on a
'Mandatory Pit'. If the
admin makes that choice, everyone must drive into their pit boxes and AT LEAST
make a splash and go. You must completely stop. If the red flag is over
3 minutes long, the person that called it will be sent to the rear of
the field.

-This part is IMPORTANT: Red flags
will NOT be called to pick fights with other drivers. Expect penalties
to be issued if you call one for that reason. If it happens again, you
will be kicked and earn no points for the race. Remember, I'm putting
my foot down on this rule about not calling red to ask questions about
getting wrecked and picking fights about people "killing" you or
whatever. Suck it up and deal with it until the race is over. It's up
to the driver that wrecked you to take self-responsibility for the
wreck. If they don't, too bad because I'll catch them watching the
video of the race afterward. You don't have to mention it in the race,
the tape will show me everything. Not trying to be mean but it ruins
the race having to fight......think before you act.

*Admin Red:
This is only to be called by the admins of the server to, for example,
issue penalties to drivers or make an announcement. The field retains
the order they were running in before the admin stopped to call this. A
yellow flag caution period will follow this red flag. When a red flag is shown
by the admins (or anyone else), you must ALWAYS drive your car into
pit road. If you don't the game will automatically kick you from the race.
If this happens, don't expect us to restart the server for you.

*Black Flag: This flag is issued if a driver makes an illegal move on the racetrack.
Black flags will be called if a driver:

-Passes another driver before all cars pass the stripe at the beginning of the race.
-Passes another driver before the leader passes the stripe on a restart.
-Drives excessively fast into the pits for a pitstop.
-Passes somebody in the apron.
-Races rough a lot during the race.

When a driver is issued an admin's black flag, the penalty will always be to go to
the rear of the field. If the black flags seem to occur a lot, the
driver may risk getting kicked from the race per admin's decision. Any
backtalk will not be allowed. There is absolutely NO chance of getting
out of your penalty so there's no point in arguing it. Just accept
whatever penalty is issued. If it is a mistake by the admin, that's
your misfortune and it can be cleared up after the race if the penalty
seems unfair.


Red Flag:
for arguing, complaining or stirring up trouble, you will be sent to
rear and if you do not go to rear, pass through when green fly’s.

Bumping In Pits: You will either wait for the person you bumped or be sent to rear.

Passing In Pits: Sent to Rear.

Rough Racing:
For Rough racing you will be sent to rear after the second and third
offense and you will be held a lap for the forth through 10th 11th
offense you will be kicked. Same going with shoving under apron.
Driving backwards will get you suspended for 2 races. If it continues for a period
of time, you will be kicked from the series.

Jumping The Restart: you will either let him completely by, pass through under green, or put to rear, or if slow, you may pass safely.

Mandatory Pit Stops: If you do not completely stop you will be put to the rear.

**If you ignore your black flag or penalty, you will be kicked from the race
the next time the caution comes out or be disqualified after race and
receive no points.**

*White Flag: This
notates the final lap of the race. No cautions may be called on the
final lap so pay attention. Ignore all “yellow” or “yel” messages

*Checkered Flag: This means the race is over.

*NOTE: If an offense has been committed and not caught during the race, tell the admins; Burnout, DerekE, Raptor, Jurgen and Lexx.

races will have fuel activated.
Pit strategy is a big part of finishing well so plan well!

If drivers decide to pit under caution, there will be only ONE chance to
make a pitstop. If a driver wants to make a pit stop, they must wait
for admins to type 'PIT'. Drive on or near the apron or something to
suggest you will pit that lap so others can anticipate the stop. If
someone decides not to stop when others pit, that driver must not stop
until after the race restarts green. Once pit stops have concluded and
the cars line back up single file, admins will say 'RS' meaning the
race will restart green next time by.You MAY pit as the field restarts
green, but please pull down out of line as to not block the restarting

When a yel is called, the
first car one lap down will earn a free pass to get a lap back. If only
one driver is a lap down and they were 2 laps down when a caution came
out, they will get ONE lap back leaving them 1 lap down at the restart.
Then they can hope for another caution to get back on the lead lap.

SCARTS series follow a common scoring structure, outlined in the
'Points System' post here on the forum. There are two opportunities for
bonus points for any given race, detailed below:
-Lead the first lap of the race (+5 pts)
-Lead The half way lap (+5 pts)

must start their car in the race to receive points. Only part-time
drivers that aren't contenders for the owner points title may
substitute for the main driver should something come up. However, this
rule does not apply for the Chasers in the final six races of the Cup
season. No driver may substitute for a Chaser in their car however it
is allowed for those out of the Chase.

the admins or players given permission to host may host the race and if
you are not ready after we are 15 minutes late, Burnout takes over and
we begin.

are allowed to block and bump during this time period, but one catch no
blocking under the apron and no hitting into the wall. Also, blocking
is not suggested since MRO is naturally laggy, and hitting another car
can possibly slow both of you down.

That's alot of rules but they are necessary to make our races fun and stress free. Good luck racin' with us at NSCSonMRO!!!


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